Ridammerhoeve Goat Farm

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A family of “Orpington” goats
The very spacious winter staple

The welcoming Ridammerhoeve goatfarm, in Amsterdamse Bos, sells 100% organic dairy products (such as cheese, yogurt, butter, etc…) as well as freshly laid eggs.

In Winter, their goats are mainly fed fermented grass hay produced on site, mixed with Dutch organic corn and straw: it allows the farm to produce a large variety of dairy products all year long, made at the doorstep of Amsterdammers (10km from Amsterdam Centraal).

Raised in biodynamic agriculture, their chicken (“Orpington” breed) can wonder about outside as well as in a large staple with 10m2 per chicken(!). You can yourself even get yoga class in the staples with the young goats climbing & pressing on your pressure points, because why not!

Note: Fairly reasonable prices for products with such taste & quality.

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Nieuwe Meerlaan 4
  1182 DB Amstelveen 

Opening hours
Open every day from 10:00 to 17:00
Closed on Tuesdays

Tel: 020 645 50 34
@: [info@geitenboerderij.nl/ info@geitenboerderij.nl]
Website: http://www.geitenboerderij.nl/en/