A dutch christmas scandal

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This year, Albert Heijn supermarket chain received dozens of messages complaining about the page space allowed to the vegan and vegetarian section of its magazine ‘Allerhande.Too many pages, not traditional enough, contradictory to the spirit of Christmas..

Understandably, we can find “Beetroot carpaccio and pistachio pesto”, “Shortcrust baked cauliflower with tapenade” and flowery “Purple ice cream” on the menu of the vegan xmas

We are pretty far from traditional “Vol au vent”, braised rabbit and marzipan cookies. . As this “incident” shows, to design new environment resilient diets we must keep in mind that those dishes must stay culturally rooted in the spirit of the dutch. It has to stick!

Allerhande is the quarterly publication of the largest supermarket chain of the Netherlands: Albert Heijn.
This free magazine is designed with extreme care (slick pictures of products and dishes, interviews, recipes and many pages) and apparently has an emotional value to the dutch as it gives a summary of its culinary traditions and accompanies the seasons. The winter edition or ‘Feest’ (gathering recipes for Sinterklaas and christmas) is subject to even more exceptions as it is the coffee table read of the period.

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