A satanic pie: the “vlaai”

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Southern Dutch cuisine is renowned for its many rich pastries, often with fillings of cream, custard or fruits, such as the Limburgse Vlaai. In dutch, “vlaai” designates this miscellaneous flans from Limburg.

Vlaai was originally consumed by Germanic tribes, and a few centuries later, it was usually used in german monasteries as sacrificial bread — a late version of roman “libum”. But the Vlaai was only brought later to Limburg, this dutch province stuck between Belgium and Germany since 1815.

Other sources argue that a few decades before, Bokkenrijders from Limburg were already baking Vlaai for ritual purpose, following roman pagan tradition. This legendary gang of criminals named itself after demons who rode on the back of flying goats provided to them by Satan; known as Bokkenrijders (“Buckriders”).

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