A summer Île de France edition, 2

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Throwback to our summer IDF edition (IDF meaning, “Île de France”, which includes Paris and its suburbs). Throughout July and August, we came to design a few resilient dishes which called on the use of IDF’s most iconic products. Even though this region appears to be solely “urban”, it ended up being way richer in local ingredients that we thought!

Carbon”: this dish is a tribute to the chemical element, which the life in the soil is co-dependent on. All the main components of the dish are here in direct relation with carbon in the form of:
- Seasonal ‘fermented’ vegetables (squash, fennel, zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms) serve with deep fried Paris artichoke (“à la romaine” in sunflower oil)
 - Fresh dill cream sauce (with fresh goat cheese)

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