A summer Île de France edition, 3

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Throwback to our summer IDF edition (IDF meaning, “Île de France”, which includes Paris and its suburbs). Throughout July and August, we came to design a few resilient dishes which called on the use of IDF’s most iconic products. Even though this region appears to be solely “urban”, it ended up being way richer in local ingredients that we thought!

This is “History of wheat”: The “Basin Parisien” is the largest area in France for cultivation of modern wheat. As modern wheat has colonized a vast part of the world today, we would like to shift the perspective back to the first recorded wild wheat: emmer & spelled wheat.
To represent this research, we designed: a “pithivier” made out of a spelled wheat shortcrust pastry dough filled with wild cockerel, oyster mushroom and veal liver.

The pithivier was served with a “blood sauce” made out of red gooseberries, honey, pepper, Madère wine thickened with liver, as well as a farrotto of emmer wheat in Crapaudine juice.


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