Extra: Sour Doc.

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Label of the Sour Doc.

NL: Sour Doc. “Laat je microben vermenigvuldigen”

EN: Sour Doc. “Make your microbes multiply”

On the way out of The Soft Protest Digest's public showing of ’Five new resilient dutch dishes’, little bags of dried organic sour dough were up to grab. This precious starter could serve as a base of any good bread as well as in the preparation of the ‘Queen of Night, calvinistisch brood’.

How to use Sour Doc.

Your embryo Sour Doc. is made from 8 different fermented flours sourced in North Holland and will give your gut a microbial diversity to dance with.

1. Add SD to a jar together with 50g of flour and enough water to stir. Leave to rest in a warm place for around 14 hours

2. Next feeding: put 50g of your first Sour Doc. mix into a clean jar. Add 100g of flour and around 100g of room temperature water. Stir and let her rest for 14 hours- or until peak activity

3. Repeat the second step 3-4 times before making bread, or until Sour Doc. becomes "high on lactic acid"

Note: for best results, use freshly milled wholegrain organic flour.