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Babylonians used to carve recipes of their stews on stone tablets in order to share them

March 2020
Excerpt of the invitation sent to the participants of the project:

The crisis[1] has turned everything on its head, and our routine in the kitchen also. For many of us, simple pantry ingredients (such as a jar of dried beans or a half-full bag of corn flour left in the corner of our cupboard) have found themselves to become saviors of a day and underestimated allies to our days of seclusion. These times seem, in fact, to insinuate that we can collectively research what a resilient diet can be.

To that end, The Soft Protest Digest reached out to its readers, family and friends, in order to collect recipes making use of ingredients they considered “resilient in a time of crisis”. Each recipe entering the collection of “Soak until soft” was asked to be sent accompanied by tutorial pictures and a story. To this day, the collective is extremely grateful for the number of positive answers the project received as well as for the amount of work put into them.

Depending on the recipe, the collective took the liberty to add a few precisions on the overall environmental or cultural resiliency of the dish when considered relevant.

Collection of recipes

Gallery of dishes


  1. The project was launched at the start of 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic.