2019 Paris International Agricultural Salon

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Early march, we went to the 2019 Paris International Agricultural Salon, the biggest agricultural event in France. There, we expected to see everything from the best to the worst of food production, and we did — yet, mainly the worst.

Here for the good part: We had long and enlightening conversations with green activists on a hot subject: the next European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in 2020. Their organisation, “For another CAP” is involved in trying to influence the next deputy elections for the foundation of a CAP that insist on financing resilient practices rather than massive exploitations.

We also met Eric Martineau, an enthusiastic arboreal farmer from Normandy, in the North-West of France. He owns orchards where different varieties of apple are grown according to the “vergers éco-responsables” and the EU organic food label. He taught us about the different smart biological pest control he was using, from pheromone diffusers (to get male insects confused) to auxiliary species (predators that get you ride of pests).

Sadly now: the biggest booths were owned by insurance companies, banks and big french seed manufacturers (showing on their screens how great their products were through educative animated short movies). The booths advertising for local specialities were (awfully) homogeneous with 70% of meat products (France is not only about sausages is it?) Harassed 7/7 by children, various breeds of mammals and birds were locked in mini cages in the middle of the big hall. . Worst even: among the hundreds of thousands of visitors coming to get an idea of France’s cultural treasure, a large majority was left to eat at the Mc Donald’s restaurant, open next to the venue. Not a lot of alternatives sure, but it couldn’t be sadder. .


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