Call for a new European Common Agricultural Policy - EU citizens

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May 23 2019

EU citizens,
Vote for a resilient European agriculture!
Vote for the re-negotiation of our Common Agricultural Policy!

Eurosceptic or not, what you’ll find in your plate all year long is drastically determined by the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). This essential text is amended every 7 years (next launch is 2021), and 2019 European Parliament elections would have a tremendous impact on it.

Unfortunately, the migration crisis, Brexit & the rise of the right wing in Europe gets the European Commission to burry all noble-minded ambitions you can find in any official announcement about the new CAP: no concrete amendment makes resilient practices mandatory, leaving those responsibilities to the goodwill of member States. In fact, the new text which was presented and pre-amended on the 2nd of April 2019 is less consistant than the previous one, leaving more authority to member States on behalf of “subsidiarity”. Some of them might radicalize their ecological policies, others might handle funds focusing on profit rather than resiliency.

Could this shift be seen as a sign of desertion from the EU, leaving the CAP to be dismantled from inside by leaving ecological policies to the goodwill of the States? We have no idea, but the suicidal rate of struggling farmers is not close to decreasing…

So, please vote. Vote for any party that wishes to re-negotiate this cheap new PAC if elected.