Fruittuin Van West

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The logo of “Fruittuin Van West”
Buying freshly layed eggs from the farm's chickens
The last pears of the season

Fruittuin van West[1] is based around a large orchard where both laying hens and meat chickens are free to wonder about and nourrish the soil. The idea of this organic garden is to allow visitors to come and pick their own fruits from the trees for a slightly cheaper price than the ones sold in its supermark. Offering a very large range of well sourced products (from fresh fruits to preserved goods, oils, beauty products and drinks), the farm recently started selling vegetables from its new vegetable garden.

The +'s

  • The prices: 3 times! as cheap as Albert Heijn or any average supermarket.
  • The large range of products and the many varieties of vegetables and fruits sold in the supermarkt throughout the year — which allows you to do your weekly groceries in one go.
  • The quality of the products: organicaly produced with a special attention to seasonality.
  • Its small cafe[2] where you can enjoy fresh air and the view on the orchard.

The -'s

  • You can volunteer to help in the garden on a weekly basis (which is lovely). The downside of it is that you will not get a slight discount in the shop for all your hard work. It is still a business.


Tom Schreursweg 48
1067 MC Amsterdam

Opening hours
Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30 to 18:00

Tel: +31(0)612322396

Take a sneak peek

🎞🎥The soft protest, digest at Fruituin van West, grocery shopping for “Waarom beginnen met stamppot”


  1. In english: “Fruit garden from the West”
  2. The cafe offers organic juices, soups, small lunch dishes, as well as pizza in the evening