Les courses - ride 1

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“Les Courses” ride 1: 12th of February, towards the west of Paris, Ile de France.

For our first ride in Paris after one month in Amsterdam, we went to la Boite à champignon, near Feucherolles. They sell their mushrooms in markets, but the owner was kind enough to let us grab some oyster mushrooms directly from his compost.

Then, we headed further west to Les 2 gourmands for tilia honey and sweet biscuits made exclusively with local ingredients: from sugar to butter, spelt flour to red poppy syrup!

After a few kilometers across fields & villages, we passed by the Clos d’Ancoigny farm for fresh comice pears and vegetables. To save time to grow their crops, they sell their products in a vending machines next to the farm: a clever way to manage their business without the help of big retailers.

Link to the ride

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