The Low food symposium

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We were really glad to have attended the Low food symposium at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam in January 2018.

Right place, right time.

For this revolution to take place, chefs need to pick up their kitchen knives, farmers their pitchforks and government officials their pens to proudly show the world what the Netherlands has to offer.
said Joris Bijdendijk, head chef of the Rijks restaurant.

What would make your food culture stand out? How would it be possible to put this thinking into a language equally relevant to a chef, a farmer, a cheese maker, a policy maker, a researcher, a school teacher?
asked Claus Meyer, founder of restaurant Noma and initial voice of the new nordic cuisine movement.

Dishes usually do not become famous on their own. People work very hard to make them big. Strong marketing and PR can be a powerful tool to put a food culture on a map abroad
said Joris Vermeer, host of “De aardappeleters” on NPO

Between many interventions:

  • Luc.hoornaert, Head of inspections at Gault&Millau the Netherlands
  • Jonnieboer, 3 Michelin star chef in the NL
  • Iris Bouwers, young farmer & Vice President of CEJA — Martin Scholten, director Animal Sciences Group, Wageningen UR


🎞🎥 See video of the event on our Instagram: click here