Stamppot pies

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‘Stamppot pie’, design 1
‘Stamppot pie’, design 2

The “Stamppot Pies” were served to the diners of the “Waarom beginnen met Stamppot?” dinner party.

The pies were designed as a way to showcase the 6 vegetarian stamppots produced by the participants of the Waarom beginnen met Stamppot? workshop:

These flaky treats were thought as casings, allowing the stamppots to be eaten on the go. Designed to be teared in two and shared, these stamppot pies would then spread the ‘resilient’ word.

The stamppot pies were served with a warm vegetable gravy, pearl onions, gherkins and foraged herbs and cress.

Served with an italian light red wine (’Tutti i giorni Rosso’).