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Signature of the ‘Nederland edition’
The north Holland region
The ‘Lunetten kroket’, 1 of the 5 dishes of the ‘Five new resilient dutch dishes’ project
Visual of the 1st project of the collective's ‘Nederland edition’. In the background: the crucial aard­ap­pel­stam­per which can be found in every dutch household and with which the dutch crush the potatoes for the stamppot

Since the fall of 2018 onwards, the ‘Nederland edition’ of The Soft Protest Digest has been addressing the eating habits of the dutch and, more particularly, of the inhabitants of the North Holland region.

Establishing its base in the multicultural Amsterdam, the collective has been undergoing a profound phasing to the dutch food culture and history in order to work out its double edged relationship to alimentation. Indeed, how is it that a country such as the Netherlands appears to be left with a non-flourishing food culture while possessing a thriving food industry (i.e expansion of plant-based meat and massive drone-driven greenhouse productions)? Its gastronomy, still, appears to be of a country which would be dealing with financial crisis, famine and arduous agriculture (i.e inexpensive preserved herrings, fried stews, hearty ragouts and coarse bean soups). Most of the dutch staples have, in fact, not much evolved since the second half of the 18th century and call, nowadays, on the disproportionate use of processed meats, precut vegetables and industrial preparations in their fabrication.

To that end, by meeting with food historians, farmers, cooks and knowledgeable citizens of the North Holland region; by researching the history of the cuisine and agriculture of the Netherlands; by tasting and learning how to cook à la Dutch; The Soft Protest Digest aims to draw new dietary paths in the dutch food landscape which would altogether be more culturally rooted then vegan patties and more climate-resilient than the rookworst. 


As part of its ‘Nederland Edition’, the collective was invited by fanfare Amsterdam, to put together two projects:

List of new resilient dutch dishes

Click on name to read the story and recipe:

List of resilient producers of the north holland region

Click on name to know more about this producer:


  1. Dinner (40 guests) and 1 week exhibition at Corridor Project Space in Amsterdam. October 2019
  2. Presentation of the new dishes developed by the collective at fanfare after a month of residency at M4 gast atelier in Amsterdam. January 2019.
  3. Workshop and dinner party at fanfare in Amsterdam. October 2018.